Friday, January 30, 2009

She's Still Here

Mitzy hasn't gone home yet. We wear ourselves out playing, then sleep good all night long. Mom is happy about that but is getting annoyed cause we are tearing up all the stuffed toys. She has a big pile of critters that need to be repaired.

Here we are sitting at her feet begging for the return of our latest "victim" so we can finish killing it. No luck, she put it up on the shelf til she has time to do surgery on the poor thing.

All three of us Ratties fell for the "look at the camera" trick here. I should know better by now, but when I hear that squeaking little noise my ears perk right up.

Whenever Mitzy and I get to go outdoors we spend alot of time sniffing around. I am usually looking for rabbit poo but can't say what Mitzy is searching for.

We have a little snow on the ground which makes my feet cold and then I want to go in before I'm ready. It doesn't seem to bother Mitzy as much as it does me.

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