Sunday, February 1, 2009

Soon It Will Be Spring!

I heard mom tell someone today that it would be spring before we know it. That made me happy cause I love the sunshine and I am so tired of being stuck indoors. I remember when the backyard looked like this...

Mom and I would spend the afternoon lying on the hammock. Sometimes we took a nap and sometimes we just relaxed and snuggled.

The sound of the water in the fish pond is very calming. And I liked watching the fish swimming around. Now they are at the deep end, under the cover, waiting for the water to warm again.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the frogs! There are several that live in the pond. Two would sit out in the sun more than the others. I remember one day I got real close to them before they jumped into the water. Mom took this picture of them before they made their leap.

So, spring is only seven weeks away and then I will be able to sniff the green grass and search for fresh rabbit poo again!


Linda (Dixie's Mom) said...

I love your backyard!! I know you can't wait for spring, so you can enjoy it again!

Bijou said...

Hi Linda,

Yeah we are very eager for spring to arrive. I saw a robin yesterday so I am excited. Thanks for the compliment on the yard. I spend alot of time out there. Yesterday it was so nice here that the dogs and I were out most of the day.