Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Most "Ear" resistible Contest

Munchkin Memoirs

Our Chihuahua furiends Lexi and Bentley have this Ear-resistible contest going on. They have gotten lots of terrific entries already but you can still enter your pictures. The deadline is September 16th at 11:59PM EST. Mom has been saying for weeks that we could enter our ears in the contest and has spent lots of time looking at old pictures trying to find the perfect ear pics. But just now, our silly mom decided to grab the camera and send in the first two pictures she took of us, no matter what they might look like. Our mom likes to live dangerously. BOL

Here I am, ears up, bright eyed and alert. Like a typical Rat Terrier, I am always paying attention to everything around me. About the only time my ears are down is when I'm sleeping. When I was a little pup these ears were the exact same size they are now, my head just got bigger.

This is Banjo's usual look, one ear up and one ear down. My little brother is so lazy he can't even keep his eyes open most of the time. He follows mom around the house waiting for her to sit down so he can get in her lap and take a nap.

I hope all my furiends have sent in their ear-resistible pictures!


Brownie said...

what a GREAT entries, Bijou! I love your ears and I'm sure you'll be one of the winners!

Nadine said...

Bijou, lovely ears my dear! They look just like mine, except for the color! And your brother's look like my brother's, and yes, Chewy is just as lazy as Banjo with keeping his ears up, BOL!

Chi kisses, Lilibell

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Bijou, are you sure Banjo isn't half Chihuahua??? Hee hee. He sounds like one of us with his following habits and lap-napping habits.

Those are great entries! Thanks for participating. You two are absolutely "ear"resistible. :)

Chihuahua kisses,
The Munchkins

BRUTUS said...

Bijou, that is a great entry! Don't know how the Munchkins are ever going to choose a winner!! Banjo, maybe they make ear-Viagra??

Brutus the Frenchie

Rufus and Indie said...

Thank you for reminding us! We will send our pics!
You look both so cute!
Rufus and Indie

Benson and Lily said...

We entered! I think you guys have a good chance too!
Benny & Lily

chicamom85 said...

Those are some pretty cool ears. The competition is very tough. I have to get after Mom to get mine in.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Our momma is in ♥ with your ears! Too cute!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Furry khute ears woo have!

Mine are just ears!

Good lukhk!


Lorenza said...

You both have Ear-resisitible ears!
Good luck!
Kisses and hugs

Twix said...

You two have some of the cutest ears on the planet! Please furgive me for not commenting lately. We got so behind on reading posts that we have had over 400 to catch up on. Mom reads your blog at work most every day but doesn't really have time to comment and since they have been laying people off she figures it is better not to. I hope you won't stay mad at me for long.
I love your new collars and your ball crazy post! It is one of my recent favorites. Oh, and thanks for taking part in flower friday!

Martine said...

Oh Bijous your ears are so cute... Banjo's too!!!

Thanks for the encouragement to enter the contest! We did!!

xo martine

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

You have a great set of ears there Bijou, Banjo is just a typical boy - they are too lazy to do anything. My human brothers are exactly the same, BOL!
Wags and kisses, Dippy and Bridge xx

Sam said...

With that set of ears, you've GOT to win, Bijou! Great pics, Banjo too - I bet he swears the eyes being closed is just for effect! He can keep them open if he wants.. ;)

Miley said...

You two have very cool ears, you are sure to win!!! How the heck do you get them to stand up like that?!?!?
Good luck!!

lotsa licks,

Dory and the Mama said...

What wonderful ears you both have!!!


Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

Wow you two are real contenders in this ear competition. We loved Banjo's one ear up and one ear down...That is real skill!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Bobo

Piappies World said...

Great entries, Bijou! Good luck to you both!
We hope to make it to the contest too.
Hope you and Banjo had a good weekend.

- Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy Bullet

Durable Dog Toys said...

I love the ear pictures. I am partial to Banjo's as my GSD has one floppy ear!