Friday, September 11, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Mom says the unconditional love we give her is the best medicine she has ever found. It can cure a broken heart or just make her smile when she is having a bad day. People who have doggies in their lives are more content, less stressed, and more active so they live longer, happier lives than those who don't. I know me and Banjo try our best to please our mom. Cause as every doggy knows... When momma ain't happy, ain't no doggy happy!

So furiends, tell me how you help your hoomans feel better.


Sam said...

What a great post Bijou.. I'll turn the rest of the comment over to Marge

"When my hooman doesn't feel well, my favorite thing to do is come and bop her in the nose, back up, wag my tail like crazy, then come back, bop her again, jump all over her, and lick her face all up!"

Cerrenity said...

When our mommy is sick or sad we snuggle with her and give her tons of kisses. I (Sylar) will snuggle under a blanket with her. Allie brings mommy plushies, she thinks the little stuffies will make mommy happy again (mommy usually smiles at her for this). It's no small feat, Allie doesn't give her plushies away for anything, except to mommy. Milo will lay beside mommy and nudge her off and on with his nose.
We know how to cheer her up!

Nadine said...

Bijou, I will tell you myself how my two little ones make me happy!!

Every day I come home from work, they are right there excited to see me and I have to sit down on the couch so they can give me loves and kisses!
Just their unconditional love towards me is enough to fill me with a lifetime of happiness!!

Bijou, this was a great post, thank you so much for doing it!!

Kisses, Nadine

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

That is so true Bijou, we mean the world to mummy and our family, they are always kissing and cuddling us, we get to know all the best secrets and cheer mum up when she's sad. Thank goodness for dogs of every kind!
Wags and kisses, Dippy and Bridge xx

BRUTUS said...

My mom is the only thing in the world that matters to me, and I let her know that every possible chance I get! She always feels needed! I get so worried when she goes away, i won't even eat - I feel bad becaused I think that worries here too... But what is a loyal companion supposed to to?? Plus no matter how tired or crabby she is, I can ALWAYS make my momma laugh with my antics & sense of humor!

Brutus the Frenchie

Coco - The Princess said...

This post really touches me in ways that you cant imagine. A lot has happened in my home over the last month and my girls have been the only reason has kept me going. Coco Bean sleeps in my bed with me and cuddles all night. Truffle and Godiva keep me smiling with their non stop clown-like antics.

My girls love me unconditionally no matter how sad i am, when i dont have makeup on and evenwhen i refuse to get out of my pajamas on the weekends. The puppy kisses never stop and i could never get enough.

SEDONA said...

Girl Twin decided to "test" me by sitting in a corner and pretending to cry...I raced right over to her and licked her face! Guess we doggies just know when to give extra love, huh?
Your pal,

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

We are VERY good at making Mommy feel better when she is sick, sad, or just down. We give her lots and lots of cuddles and hardly ever let her leave our sight. If she gets us, we are right on her heels helping push her with our cold, wet noses. We also give her lots and lots of kisses. Mostly on her face, but as everyone knows Lexi and Mom both enjoy it when she licks her feet!

Chihuahua kisses,
Bentley & Lexus

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Aw, isn't it great how we always make our moms (and dads) feel better? :-)
I give mom extra hugs and kisses and cuddles when she's feeling down. She says it works!


Dory and the Mama said...

When my Daddy comes home from a stressful day I make sure to to a special Daddy Happy Dance and give him kisses, kisses AND MORE kisses!!!!!


Yoshi and Cody said...

I lay down on top of Mommy's legs and protect her from boogeymen if she's on the couch or on the bed. Cody never lets her leave his sight, even if she gets up to turn off the light at night he has to get up and go with her! So he's always there at a moment's notice.

-Yoshi (and Cody)

Rufus and Indie said...

Your mom is right! Doggies can cure everything! We only need to kiss our mom and she laughs and hugs us so hard...
Rufus and Indie

Ashley said...

My mom totally agrees with your mommy. She says that her quality of life depends on me a lot. I am Mom's service dog and I tell her before she has a seizure so she can take her medicine. Then I stay with her and lay my head on her lap until the seizure is done. Mom says because I do this for her, she can go out in public and not worry so much!
Hugs and tail wags,

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That's why I'm almost always by my mom's side!

I mean right now, I'm less than two of her human arms away from her!

It is tough job but it pays furry well!


Kali said...

Love the post Bijou!
I always know when mommy is sad, and cuddle her and give her kisses. Rumer hasn't caught onto how to tell when mom is sad yet but I am sure she will catch on eventually. My sister Sasha used to make mommy use her as a pillow to try and cheer her up and insisted on being right on top of mom. We miss that fuzzy dog.


Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

When momma is sad or upset I do my wiggle butt and makes her laugh every time.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Bobo

Audrey the Photographer Dog said...

My mom says the same thing! Sometimes my cuddles and licks are the only thing that makes her smile. And when she can't sleep, I try to stay up with her or cuddle into a ball right by (or under) her pillow.

Hailey said...

Hi Bij! I love making my mom happy! Her job makes her stress and her health issues keep her worried. I always tell her to let me do the worrying for her. I love to snuggle up to her and give her great big hugs then I do the happy smile dance. This always seems to work!

Hugs & smooches xoxo

Hailey said...

Hi Bij! I love making my mom happy! Her job makes her stress and her health issues keep her worried. I always tell her to let me do the worrying for her. I love to snuggle up to her and give her great big hugs then I do the happy smile dance. This always seems to work!

Hugs & smooches xoxo

chicamom85 said...

I love my family, but Mommy the most. Whenever they come home after being gone, I run and greet them, giving them kisses and loveys. I snuggle with my Mommy every night and make sure she is safe.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bijou and Banjo!
You are so right. We make wonders on our humans!
Kisses and hugs

Miley said...

Hi Bijou,

What a great post, you sure are right!!! I love to just snuggle when my humans when I sense they are stressed!!!

lotsa licks,

Matilda said...

Wow, Bijou and Banjo!
What a nice post.
I just love my mom and dad and grandmas and grandpas!