Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

We got to go outdoors and play again this afternoon and we didn't have to wear clothes! Banjo chased me around the yard but couldn't catch me cause he is too slow. We sniffed all the smells and chewed on sticks and stuff. It was so fun!

ere is baby brother standing on a rock that borders the flower bed. He looks sweet and adorable doesn't he? Ha, don't let that innocent face fool ya!

Here I am walking around the yard looking for rabbit poop. I love that stuff but mom hates it when I eat it. I have to sneak so she doesn't see me.

Banjo liked laying under the bench in the sun. He almost fell asleep. Mom woke him up when she took this picture. Look at my ball, it is almost as big as he is!

Don't I look cute in this picture? Baby brother doesn't cause he didn't look up at mom when she made that silly noise. He was looking at something on the ground instead.

Okay, my turn to look somewhere else. I heard mom make that silly noise to get our attention but I was interested in a bird that was sitting on the fence behind me. Banjo was tricked into looking at the camera though.

Look at the little rug rat. He was getting tired so we had to go back inside after mom took this picture. I hope we can go outside again tomorrow.

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