Monday, January 4, 2010

Got The Winter Blues

Does anydoggy have suggestions for curing the blahs?
Me, Banjo and mom started off the new year stuck indoors for three days.
Mean Ol' Mr. Winter just won't leave us alone! The ground is covered with crusty old snow and the air is so cold buggers freeze in your nose!


I spent most of the weekend hoping mom would play with me but she just wanted to watch the tellyvision.
I tried to make her feel guilty for neglecting me so I sat and stared at her.

First from this side.

Then from the other side.

I even made faces at her, but all that did was make her annoyed so she yelled at me to stop staring at her.

So I moved to the couch and stared at her from there.

Banjo was useless to me.
He was more than happy to sit in mom's lap and
watch the tellyvision with her.

Or give her the sad puppy dog look,

so she'd share her snack with him.

Do you think I got a bite too?


But I stuck to my #1 New Year's resolution
and let him have his time with mom.


Finally, little brother snuggled down for a nap.

So I claimed my rightful spot in her lap.

And all is right with the world again.


Kari in WeHo said...

We like filled kongs or any other such interactive toy. Keeps the pups busy so I can watch TV :)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The staring works fur me BIG time!

Good lukhk wearing her down!

PeeEssWoo: Woo really need to learn to love the SNOW and the KHOLD - it gives woo so many more options!

Winnie said...

I just annoy my lady so squeaking my cuz toys, and pushing them in her lap; that she pays attention to me just to make me stop BOL!
You could ask for a couple of bullysticks, that could keep you busy for a while if you make it last.
We are hoping that all this cold weather in the south will bring us some of your snow.
Hope you feel better!
Peace out,

Martine said...

Hi Bijou,

Can't the both of you sit on Mom's lap? The kiddlets usually ALWAYS are both on my lap when I watch tv! We think your staring is so cute and we wouldn't be able to resist!!

xo martine & the kiddlets

Santa and Minnie said...

Minnie does that staring act alot couple with grumblings! That sure annoyed our humans but she got her attention. Keep that up, Bijou!

Miley said...

Oh Bijou, I've got the cure for your blahs!!! Doing some baking!!!! Loved looking at all the pics!!! BOL!!!

lotsa licks,

Benny and Lily said...

Nylabones, what else!
Benny & Lily

The OP Pack said...

Well, we are really enjoying the cold weather but for you , we think snuggles and warm blankets and lots of tasty treats are the best cure for the blahs. And maybe next week, some warmer temps:)

Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

Life With Dogs said...

We have frozen booger syndrome too, and a mountain of new snow! Yuck.

But you landed the right lap and peace is restored. :)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bijou!
Sure the first part of your plan did not work! I do the same to my mom and it does not work either!
Sooooo.... better join her and have a nice time on her lap, right??
Kisses and hugs

Sam said...

Oh, Bijou, we've got the winter blues, too. Marge loves the cold, but this is TOO cold! Really, it's the wind that's getting us. I'd like a nice 40 degree day to go on a good old long walk.. hope youg et some nice weather, too!

Draco and his Mom said...

I know how boring it can get when it is too cold to go mom reads magazines...and I have to stare at her like you do your mom. Sometimes I have to woof real low so she stops ignoring me. I like to chase my stuffies and dad ties them in knots for me to untie...mostly I just pout till warmer weather comes.

Selba said...

Ah.... so winter isn't fun? we've always wondered how winter is because we only have 2 seasons here in Indonesia, hot and rainy.

Adele, Vincent & Bella

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

"And all is right with the world again." lol :)

kissa-bull said...

well personally the boys ( guero and brinks ) like to play the tooting game when they are bored. but we like to play hide the remote from mommish game. eighter one makes the humans take notice
hope it helps
coco chanel and bella

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We don't get the blahs too much in the winter because we are bigger than you and have more hair so we like to go out and play in the snow. Ask your momma to take you shopping for a cute, winter jacket so you can go out to play☺

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

We know just how you feel Bijou, we are in the same boat with the weather. The snow almost went away and now it is back. It is soooo boring being stuck indoors, we love your picture story (we think you are telling fibs about not getting any snack, bol.)
Crossing all our paws the mean old snow melts very soon!
Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

Ms. ~K said...

Cold here in Georgia too, but nothing like your cold! At least our boogers haven't frozen yet!!!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Nadine said...

We had snow all New Year's weekend too!! But with me and my brother, we are more than content to snuggle underneath a blankie, me on top of Mom's lap and brother right beside her! But I'm still verrrrry tired of this winter many more days until the spring??

Chi kisses, Lilibell

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Great job staring, Bij. It's always good to work a little guilt trip magic on our moms. I'm so sick of winter too. You and Banjo are so lucky to have the litter box. It's going to be -40 below windchills here by Friday. NOOOOO!!!!


Dory and the Mama said...

Come to Texas Bijou!!! We can run and play outside in the warm air...Wait...what Mama??? Mama says wait until next week because it is going to be darn cold here the rest of this week, like in the 30s...brrrrrrrr!!


Anonymous said...

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Twix said...

Sorry, Bij, I love that second photo of Banjo. Please furgive me!