Friday, September 25, 2009

Rescue Ink

Rescue Ink is a rescue group unlike any you’ve seen before: a bunch of tattooed, motorcycle-riding tough guys who have joined together to fight animal cruelty, educate abusers and help resolve situations other rescue groups can’t – or won’t – handle themselves.

Some of the guys grew up in the projects, some had their brushes with the law, some used their smarts to survive, even thrive on the streets. But that was then, this is now, and today they all share a common goal: Using every means within the thin boundaries of the law, they persuade and educate abusers about the right way to treat animals.

Like many of the animals they save, the members of Rescue Ink know what it’s like to be given a second chance in life. And they’re using theirs to help the animals, no matter what it takes.

What makes them so effective? Take a look. Would you mess with these guys?


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Not messin' with them!


Kali said...

OMD Bijou, momma had wanted to watch this and she forgot all about it until she seen this post.She is catching the end of it now.


Ashley (the mom) and Dixie (the Catahoula) said...

Mom and I are so sad our hotel doesn't have Nat Geo! She really wanted to watch this!

Hugs and tail wags,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bijou!
We have heard about them! Pawesome group!
Kisses and hugs

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

We just got done watching with momma. We totally loved it. Especially the chicken catching!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo and Bobo

Matilda said...

I think they are so cool!!
I like the guy with a tiny kitten.
I wanted to watch it.

Bijou said...

Hi Furiends,

We watched with mom and think those tough guys are terrific even though some of them look funny! BOL What we didn't like was that mean man who was shooting at the kitties. I'm sure we will be watching again next week.

Wags & wiggles,

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We missed the first episode - bwwaaaa! Do you think they'll show it again - on, we sure hope so because we wanted to watch it for sure. Thanks so much for the reminder! Be sure to come over and have your momma read about National Dog week - maybe you could get some extra treats!


Well if they don't get the job done, no buddy will!

Thanks for letting us know about the show.

See ya soon,
Riley and Star.

Sierra Rose said...

What a great program! We caught some previews, but missed the actual episode. We are sure it was a hit! Hope to see it.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Bruschi said...

Mommy and I watched this and sadly we were disappointed. It isn't quite what we were expecting....maybe it will get better as the season goes on?

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

We didn't get to watch it either. Did your mom like it, Bij?


Brownie said...

I think I'm going to leave em alone, thank you very much! BOL! I am sure my momster will watch the show intently. :) Thanks for the heads' up!

Canine Crusader said...

We stayed up late and watched them with Mom. She likes the show and thinks it will get better. Last nights show was hard to watch because of the abuse to pitties. The Gang @ Dog blog for five Dogs