Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bang! Thump! Whack!

Furiends, do you remember my post back in June about the ice falling from the sky? If not, you can check it out here. Well because that ice fell from the sky three times this spring and summer, we had to get a new roof for the house. And because our old house had three layers of regular shingles on top a layer of old wood shingles that all had to be removed before the new roof could be put on, replacing the roof has turned out to be more difficult and is taking more time than mom was told it would take. The roofer men started working on Tuesday. They get here as soon as the sun comes up and don't leave until supper time, but they are only half done with the job. Mom is hoping they finish before the rains come. And doggies, you wouldn't believe how much noise these hoomans are making! We can't even go out in our yard to play cause it is a mess! But me and Banjo are kinda getting used to the bangs and thumps overhead and we have given up barking at the roofer men out in the yard cause they just ignore us. There is one good thing about all this though. Mom took time off from her job to be here while the work's being done, so she has been home with us all week. Yippee!

But furiends, I have some sad news to tell ya too. I will not be doing the Diggity Dawg game for awhile cause we need that money to help pay for some other repairs mom wants to do on the house. As soon as all that work is finished, mom says I can start the game again. So I hope you all understand that money is a little tight right now, but we will play the Diggity Dawg game again real soon.


Benny and Lily said...

Darn that ice!. I think your roof is more important than the game. Your stuffies will get wet otherwise.
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

You have a very cute house Bijou. I hope the hammering noise stops soon.

Piappies World said...

Hi there Bijou,
We sure hope the roof gets fixed soon so you and Banjo can run around again.
It would also be great if the ice rain would stay away from your house. Having repairs done can be such a headache for our pawrents.

- Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy, Bullet with Frappie, Mocha and Sugar

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bijou!
I just can imagine all that noise there in your house!
I hope he finishes soon!
Kisses and hugs

chicamom85 said...

I understand about the workguys. I hate them when they make noise! It is so cool that Mommy will be home with you though. Maybe you will get some extra treats for all the stress you have to put up with(see if that works giggle).

licks and sniff, Sasha

Brownie said...

urgh... ugly ice! We completely understand about diggity dawg game - you are so generous! Times are tough these days (my daddy hasn't worked in a while) and getting a good roof over your heads is very very important! we don't want you getting conked out by a giant hunk of ice!

Pedro said...

Oh I know all about noise! There was alot of banging going on in my dawg house today while a new pull down staircase was being installed. Later mom says more noise while the wood floor in her bedroom is being repaired. And, I completely get the tight finances thing too. Mom says with two kids in college she's about to have a nervous breakdown over money... You were so generous to give so much! Right now though, you do need a roof over your heads!


Audrey the Photographer Dog said...

Nice pics Bijou! I hate work men and noise! At my house they redid the kitchen and bathroom after we moved, and I had to stay in my room or go to the grandparents every day. But it's done now and worth it, and yours will be too. Hope they finish soon!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

My mom is making one of those SMILE things!

Years ago...

When she lived here befur she moved out, she had to sleep through a roof being put on the house...The Doggy Nanny didn't have A/C here...and Mom worked third shift...she'd wave to the men and khrash...she's a good sleeper!

As fur your pawnation thing, WE SO KNOW THAT!

With Mom not going to work fur green papers, she knows how we have to tighten our khollars!


Matilda said...

Hi Bijou and Banjo!
Wow, what big ices! If I were you, I would bark a lot! I hope it finishes soon.

Kali said...


I think that noise would get on my nerves!

We understand about money being tight. Luckily we are still staying at moms parents house so mom doesn't really have much to worry about money wise except for things for us. Since daddy has to give her money every month it works out great till mom finds a job. Mom is trying to take care of getting everything she really wants for us while dad still has to pay.

Mom wants to know what size collars you guys got from Scruffy Dog Collars, she wants to get one for me and Rumer but wants the one for Rumer to also fit once she is done growing, so she thought she would ask your mom since you both are Ratties and Rumer should be some what similar in size, of course probably not as small as Banjo.

Have fun having your mom home all week!


SEDONA said...

I like your house, B&B! It will look so nice with the new roof...all that noise will be worth it! We have to watch our doggy biscuits over here too, so I completely understand about the Diggity Dawg going on hiatus. You've already done so much to help our homeless furiends.
Your pal,

Twix said...

You are lucky to have your Mom home with you all week. Too bad it is because of those men making all that noise. I hope she is spending time with you anyway. We just appreciate all that you have done with DD game already. And we certainly understand how the wallet gets tight!

Draco and his Mom said...

Hope you have your roof all done now. Hammers and nails can really spoil a good nap. I hope you had lots of fun with your mom staying home and all :)

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

We understand. Everyone is feeling teh pinch as momma calls it. We hope your house is fixed soon. But at least you get to spend extra time with the momma!!!


Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

At least you got to have your mom stay home wiff you, Bij! We haven't had any hail here at all this year. Strange.

And your mom is so generous. Home repairs are important too!


Bruschi said...

Wow that crazy ice falling from the sky really did a number on your house! At least it is finally getting fixed! Enjoy your Mommy while she is home with you!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Coco - The Princess said...

My sisters and i are glad you are getting your roof fixed.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

sprinkles said...

Wow, that ice really did some damage! Glad you're getting your roof fixed. I know it's noisy now but it'll be worth it in the end. In the mean time, just enjoy having mom home for the week!

Anonymous said...

Glad you yall are getting used to all that noise. when the humans came to put in a new AC and do some work in the attic for the A.C, a few months ago. I barked the whole time while they was at our home for them to stop all that noise! Wonderful looking house you all have! xoxo

Wags, Studd