Saturday, July 25, 2009

Evening Walk

It's been two days since I got to make a post cause Mom has just been to busy with other things. The last two days have also been the hottest we have had so far this summer so we had to wait til the sun started to go down before we could go on our walkie. This was the first time Banjo has been out for a walk after dark and only the third or fourth for me. We are usually snuggled up in bed watching tv as soon as it starts to get dark!

Here we are leaving the house. "Let's go mom!"

Walking down the street cause the sidewalks are cracked and mom is afraid she will break an ankle.

We went past a house with three doggies in the yard. This little Min Pin wanted to play with us.

The bulldog mix was grouchy. Mom wouldn't let us get close to the fence cause the big dog growled and lunged at us.

This tiny Chihuahua came up to the fence to sniff us, but the big dog didn't like that so she made the little guy get back.

We stopped in the park on the way back home to listen to the night sounds.

But all we heard was a bunch of doggies barking. I think they were sad cause they were stuck in their pens and fenced yards but wanted to be out on a night walkie like us.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I love our dusk walkies fur the bats khome along with us!

It was warm and HUMID here today!

Happy ALMOST Sunday!


Tank said...

an after dark walk... how exciting!

Martine said...

Sorry that bull doggie was mean!! Good thing there was a fence seperating you!

Your walk looks so fun!!

xo sugar & martine

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bijou and Banjo!
I have never go out for a walkie when is already dark. Bad things happen here at nigth so my mom does not take risks!
Barking dogs is what I find too in my walkies! And grouchy dogs are not fun!
Glad you enjoyed your walkie!
Kisses and hugs

Lexi said...

That sounds so fun to walk in the evening...I never have....yet ! It has been really hot here too. I don't like to walk when it is hot...I just like to lay around in the nice cool house. Have a fun day !

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Evening walks are fun! Unless you live on a street wiff zombies, BOL!


Matilda said...

Hi, Bijou and Banjo!
Did you enjoy the night walkie? I sometimes go for a walk at evening with my dad. It is kind of "patrol the neighborhood".

Dory's Backyard said...

We don't go out at night very much but we do go out WAAAYYY early in the morning sometimes when it is still dark.

Walks, anytime, are fun!!

Twix said...

Hey there B&B! I don't usually go for a walk after dark, just out to tinkle. I do remember that Mom used to take me for walks in the dark when I was a pup to wear me out! I still don't get why she would want to do that. I'm glad you were able to get your walk even if it was after dark. Besides, you see great in the dark, right?
Love and hugs,

Miley said...

Don't you just love those walks!!! Those poor doggies behind the fence!!!

lotsa licks,

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

night walkies sound nice - we walk at night too sometimes - but most of the time we just play in our yard

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ