Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pink Baby's Arrival

The Spirit Of Brownville

Yesterday morning mom contacted a friend of a friend of a friend who was able to make arrangements for PB to travel from Kansas City, Missouri to Rulo, Nebraska via the river boat, Spirit of Brownville. They don't normally take passengers on public cruises this early in the season but we were able to get special permission for PB to ride along on their annual test voyage.

As you can see from these pictures, PB had a grand time. It was just PB and the crew for the entire 125 mile trip up the river. She was treated like royalty as mom told the humans in charge that Pink Baby was a very special doggy who was on an extremely important mission. Since they were all dog lovers, they totally understood.

For refreshments, the crew provided PB with fresh fruit and Kool-Aid, which is a traditional Nebraska beverage as it was invented by Edwin and Kitty Perkins of Hastings, Nebraska. In celebration, the city of Hastings holds an annual "Kool-Aid Days" each August. PB chose to have cherry flavored Kool-Aid.

The crew also allowed PB to visit the wheelhouse and sit in the captain's chair. She dearly loved that!

As the Spirit of Brownville neared the Rulo Marina, the Captain called mom on her cell phone to let us know we needed to start our short trip to meet up with the boat and pick up PB. It was only a nine mile drive from Falls City to Rulo, but Banjo had to stop and potty three times! So we were a little late arriving at the dock. The Spirit of Brownville was on a tight schedule so PB told the Captain it would be okay for them to leave her at the dock as she knew we would be along shortly.

Here is the picture mom took of PB, with her bag, waiting patiently for our arrival.

Banjo ran ahead to apologize for making us late cause mom had told him to. PB was very understanding. She explained that she also has a tiny bladder and needs frequent potty breaks.

These are the only pictures we have to share with you as mom was busy driving us home. PB was exhausted from her trip so she asked if we could all sleep in this morning and suggested that we all just relax today before showing her around. (I think she and Tank overdid the site seeing since there is so much to do in Kansas City. She hinted she wants to just lay back and be lazy for a day or two.) Actually we are kinda glad to hear her say that cause Falls City is not a big town, we don't have lots of interesting things to do and see. I asked mom once why we even live here and she had no answer.

So we are just hanging out today. Tomorrow we will have more of Pink Baby's adventure to share with you.


Poppy said...

Ooh, thanks for the award, Bijou! I will put it on my blog ASAP! :)


Tank said...

Well done Bijou and Banjo! I was worried that PB would fall overboard or worse... so glad she was well taken care of by the crew and that she arrived safely. I like small towns myself, but then I can be entertained for hours by watching worms dry. I'm sure you will all find many interesting and amusing ways to spend your time. Tell PB that she forgot her blue bows. I hope she's not too upset by that. If she is, I could mail them to her. Woof, Tank

Nibbles Treats said...

We are so glad PB got there safely. We have been following her good times with Tank. We look forward to your adventures.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Checkers said...

that was a remarkable trip that she made to Nebraska - I fear it will not be so exciting coming to Oak Ridge - Unfortunately your photos are not showing up on our puter - is this our problem or are others having the same difficulty????

Bijou said...

I don't know. The pictures were all there before and now some are missing. Maybe blogger is being stoopid again??

Anyone else having problems seeing the pix?


Tank said...

I can see pics fine Bijou. However, I never DID see Checkers surfing pic on HIS blog - I just checked and there's still nothing there except 2 white spaces where there obviously should be pics. Blogger is very strange sometimes. and very annoying.

Mason Dixie said...

I too do not see the pictures on your post, only see the one with PB and suitcase at the end of the dock. Sounds like it was a great trip though. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank goodness Pink Baby made it ok. I look forward to seeing the pictures (they aren't loading for me either) but I am happy to hear she behaved and didn't try jumping into the water like me!! :) Don't worry Pink Baby likes laying low, we do lots of that!

Thank you for taking good care of Pink Baby! Give her a big hugg for me!!


Bijou said...

I'm sorry the pictures aren't viewable for some of you. I have tried re-uploading all of them. Let me know if that is helping or not. I also looked at my blog using IE... (which we HATE here in this house) and everything seems alright to me.


Anonymous said...

OOO it all works great now!! Good JOB! She looks like she's having a BLAST! I wish I got to sit in the Capt. chair!!


Tibby said...

Hi Bijou!
It looks like you are being good hosts for Pink Baby so far! I am sure that you will find some interesting things to do with her! Can't wait to see the adventures you all go on! I hope I can host her some day!
:) Tibby

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I hope she enjoys her time in Nebraska!

Her trip surely got off to a great start!

PeeEssWoo: Mom khouldn't see most of the pikhs at the office but she khan see them here from MY laptop!

Suzuki said...

I'm glad PB arrived safely!
Big licks to you

Brind'Amour said...

Glad to hear that PB arrived safe and sound. Can't wait to hear more!!!


Bruschi said...

Oh Pink Baby made it! What a neat way to travel!! She really looked like she was pampered during her trip! I can't wait to see what sites she sees in Nebraska!!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi