Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indoor Potty

A couple people have asked mom to post a picture of the litterbox that me and Banjo use. I guess they want to try and train their pups to go potty indoors too. So here's a photo of Banjo using his litter box. It is my travel size litter box that we take on trips. Mom leaves this one out where Banjo can easily find it cause he is still learning and sometimes waits to the last second and can't find the regular one in the laundry room. I have a bigger and deeper litter box that I normally use, but mom didn't take a picture of it.

Banjo has those pee pads in his box cause he was used to going potty on them before he came to live with us. Mom is going to finish using the ones we have, then will just put the shredded paper in the litter box without a pee pad. By then Banjo should be totally litter box trained and not need the pee pads. Mom gets the shredded paper from work but she says you can buy litter for dogs to use at Petco. Or you could even try the shredded stuff that is sold for critter bedding.

Mom wants you to know that she cleans the poop out of the litter box a few times a day but in the beginning you should leave some in the corner of the box so the pup knows he should poop IN the box. When training your puppy, you place him or her in the box and tell it to go potty just as you would if you were training it to go outdoors. Do this whenever you notice the pup sniffing the floor or after it eats or wakes up and it will soon learn that you expect it to potty in the box.

If you live in a part of the country where the winters are cold, this works great as you don't have to take your tiny dog out in the elements. And if you need to be away from home for the day, you won't have to get someone to come to the house and let the dog out to potty.

I love my litter box and am glad I don't have to go outdoors to potty. I can and do potty outdoors when I'm out there though, so don't worry that your dog will only be able to potty in the litter box. If you have any questions you can email mom and she will answer you back asap.


Kathleen Coy said...

Wow, what a great idea! We didn't even know you could train dogs to use a litterbox, but I guess it makes sense. You're right, it would be very handy!

Totally Timmy said...

I wish I could get my guys to do this..oh wait they do..just all over my floor, not in a box!

lola said...

that is intense! and soo smart! you guys are just to tiny to go out in the cold. Mommy wishes she would have thought of this cause she sometimes gets lazy and doesnt want to take me out. but she HAS to. hah

Lorenza said...

HI, Bijou!
The litter box sure is a good idea.
I never go out to potty!
I do what I have to do in a bathroom that no human uses, so, it is mine!
My grandma puts paper in the shower and she changes it every time I go there!
Kisses and hugs

Chase said...

that is a great idea! I just like to use the stairs leading to the door as my bathroom...BOL!!

Sniffs and licks,