Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Painted Pony Died

Me and Banjo killed Pony yesterday. We didn't mean to, we just got caught up in the moment and before I knew it, Pony had a hole in his side and Banjo was pulling out his fluffy stuff. I swear I didn't pull out any of Pony's fluffy stuff, that was baby brother's doing.

I couldn't believe Pony was really dead so had to check him out and make sure. Banjo was wondering if there was any thing left inside Pony that needed to come out. I was hoping mom could do surgery on him and fix him up cause this isn't the first time Pony got hurt. She said Pony was beyond repair and that the kind thing would be to put him out of his misery so he didn't hurt anymore.

Banjo was proud of what he'd done and was like, "Look what we did mom!" He didn't understand what we had done was a bad thing cause he is just a baby.

I tried to explain to him that mom was not happy with us, but he was so excited and kept running around grabbing pieces of Pony's fluffy stuff and wouldn't listen to me.

RIP poor Painted Pony. You will be missed.


lola said...

oh no!!! I'm sure painted pony had a long good life. Maybe your mommy will get you some new toys to place it!! Tell banjo to be more careful!!

Bijou said...

I told Banjo to be nicer to the toys but he is a baby Rattie and feels it is our job to kill all of the stuffed toys. I am older and smarter then Banjo, so I have learned the toys disappear when they are chewed up and the fluffy stuff is ripped out cause Mom can only fix them so many times before they disappear for good. I know the last time we went shopping at Petco she bought us some new toys but hid them in the closet when we got home. I don't know when she will give them to us.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bijou!
Poor Painted Pony!
I am sure he had a good life with you... until the end!
Banjo looks so proud!
Kisses and hugs

Kathleen Coy said...

It's part of the rattie creed...ALL stuffed toys must be ripped open, the stuffing dug out, and the squeaker destroyed. Good job, you two!
Cloud the Destructor

Bijou said...

Hi Cloud. I'm so happy you stopped by. My brother and I have been wanting to make some Rattie friends.

You're right. It is the Rattie way to kill the stuffed animals. I have learned to control my urges somewhat so mom doesn't have to do surgery as often. But Banjo is still a pup so he just gets crazy and rips them open. I would rather play with my ball more than the stuffed animals anyway.